Hoiw to play Three Card Poker^ Rules

The second name by which three-card poker is known is poker for lazy people. Only initially, when familiarizing yourself with the rules, you may get the impression that it is difficult to understand it, although this is an absolute delusion. It doesn’t take much effort to figure out how to play three card poker.


The number of participants involved in the game can vary from 1 to 6 people . The reason is the limited number of boxes. There are also 6 of them. A poker player is allowed to play several boxes at a time if he is the only player at the table. Open competition on all lines is allowed. The fees for each box may differ from each other.

In order to understand and understand, you can consider an example of playing at one line, and once at the gambling table, it will not be difficult to quickly navigate and start playing from several positions at once.

Basic rules of three card poker

The distribution is carried out by the dealer . He distributes cards between himself and the participant , 3 pieces each . From this moment on, the poker player has the opportunity to get acquainted with the set of cards he has received. According to the rules of this competition, there is a chance to collect the following poker combinations that can become winning:

  • the minimum game is a lady;
  • a pair of cards of the same rank (two eights, for example);
  • flash;
  • street poker ;
  • square – three cards of the same rank;
  • straight flush .

Three Card Poker does not include a Royal Flush combination. All combinations are arranged in ascending order . At the moment when the game starts, the player introduces an ante chip in poker .

What do you need to know about betting?

To understand how to play three card poker in a casino, it is important to understand the process of making contributions:

  • Ante is the primary bet required for the competition to start.
  • Ante Bonus is a bonus contribution that a participant makes at will in order to take possession of an additional win in conditions when he has straight, four of a kind or Straight-flush in his hands.

This contribution is made before the time of distribution , like the primary ante. By participating in casino competitions, you can win:

  • When straight – 1: 1;
  • With a square – 3: 1;
  • With a straight flush – 4: 1.

“Plus” pair is a bonus payment that is paid if the poker player has a pair or a higher combination. And this type of bet is done before the deal . What can a poker player count on? Paid plus is paid as follows:

  • pair – 1: 1;
  • flash – 4: 1;
  • street – 5: 1;
  • square – 20: 1;
  • straight flush – 40: 1.

An example of playing according to the rules of three card poker

When the cards are dealt, and the poker player has become familiar with them, he has 2 ways: to respond with a bet , which is equal to the ante in this competition, or simply to fold . In turn, the dealer reveals his set. He compares the combinations demonstrated by the two sides, and so the winner is determined.

The dealer pays all winning combinations 1: 1 . A player can count on worthy prizes if he makes not only the initial contribution (ante), but also a pair of “+” and an ante bonus.

Further, we propose to understand with an example, then the strategy of playing three-card poker will become more understandable.

Suppose, before starting, the poker player makes an ante in the amount of 1 chip. Further, a plus pair is additionally placed, which, according to the rules, cannot exceed the initial rate or be less than it .

The dealer demonstrates his own set of cards. Then he reveals the cards of the table representative, performing a comparison that allows him to determine which bets won and which ones lost.

Three-card poker does not include an exchange . If the player has a combination of a pair or higher, received during the distribution, he will be paid a pair “+” bet according to the established rules.

Other actions with a loss or victory by the player directly depend on the cards of the dealer and the participant himself. Comparison is carried out by seniority.

There is one more point that cannot be ignored. The poker player has the opportunity to set only a pair plus installment. In such a situation, the dealer deals the cards, after which he checks what has dropped out. If the player got sets of a pair or a higher combination, then the bonus is encouraged according to the established scheme, and the cards are taken away . If the winning set is less than a pair, then the bet on the line goes to the casino capital, and the next distribution starts.

How to win at blackjack

Blackjack is one of the simplest and most addictive games in any casino, with a lot of hidden features. In real land-based casinos, blackjack is the only game with the ability to get a positive mathematical expectation. Beginners prefer to use a basic strategy , and experienced players sometimes practice several strategies at once, their advantage over the gambling house reaches 2% of the average bet.

So that each player understands how to win at an online casino and can choose the best strategy for winning blackjack, we “opened all the cards” and told in detail:

  • about winning blackjack strategies ,
  • how to play blackjack correctly (according to the rules );
  • how to count cards in blackjack (and what is ” empty score “);
  • the application of the basic strategy increases the likelihood of winning at blackjack;
  • about strategies with a progression of bets ;
  • about choosing a position at the table ;
  • where is the best place to play blackjack,
  • and showed a video about playing blackjack .

Best Blackjack Winning Strategy

In online casinos, we recommend playing against a live dealer .

Important: in some casinos, the deck is shuffled before each hand, and in some it is not. In the second case, you can use the so-called “empty score” of cards to win at blackjack. In real (land-based) establishments, a basic strategy or card counting according to the “plus-minus” system works .

Let’s take a closer look at each of these systems.

Rules of the game

Before diving into tactical subtleties, we recommend that beginners thoroughly master the rules of this wonderful game and its varieties. Then you can already start studying card counting.

In blackjack, counting cards means making money . The player waits for the right moment to raise the rates, when there are a lot of “pictures” in the deck (cards of 10 points), and gets an advantage. For example, you can make doubles more boldly against the dealer’s “six” or split the pictures more often. If there are many 10-point cards left in the deck, it is much easier for the player to navigate and make the right decision.
The more professionally you count cards, the higher the potential profit.

Empty card account at Live-casino

In an ideal situation, you should play in a live casino , where the dealer does not shuffle the cards and all the boxes are occupied for the game. You open a table and start counting without placing any bets. And when the score is from +12 and higher (that is, there are 12 fewer pictures than the rest of the cards).

Applying a basic strategy

A basic blackjack strategy has been developed for beginners. It allows you to reduce the advantage of the casino to a minimum , actually up to 0.5%. And by combining the card counting system and the basic strategy, you can get a positive mathematical expectation and payoff. But first you need to study the strategy, delve into the charts, get acquainted with the action tables – in order to make your winning decisions in the future.

Progression Betting Strategies

Schematic representation of the tableTo increase the likelihood of winning in blackjack, strategies with changing the size of the bets are often used. The essence of the strategy is as follows: in case of losses, we increase the rate, after a successful distribution, we decrease it . This algorithm allows you to smooth the variance during periods of bad luck.

  • One such strategy is the 1-3-2-6 Game System for winning money in blackjack.
  • Do not forget to familiarize yourself with the dealer’s blackjack insurance and its mathematical impracticality

Positioning at the table

  • If you play in a live casino or a real gambling establishment, the choice of boxing is a very responsible decision :
  • Choosing one of the last boxes, you will have additional time for card counting and have more complete information about the cards of other players. This provides a mathematical advantage.
  • But if you are a beginner, other players will react aggressively to weak play on the last box, because these decisions will affect the dealer’s second card.
  • In spite of everything, we recommend choosing one of the latest boxes, in general it is more profitable.

How to play Roulette: Understanding the Game

There are two main rules that can affect your winnings at casino roulette . The first is the number of “zero”. In most cases, one or two. But there are games that have more of them. The second is the rule for the return of half of the bet (En Prison). The player loses only half of his bet when a “0” or “00” appears. In European roulette, as a rule, there is only one sector “zero”.

One “zero”Half bet refundOne to one betsAdditional bets
Yes Yes 1.35%2.70%
Yes Not2.70%2.70%
Not  Yes 2.63%5.26%
Not Not5.26%5.26%

Popular roulette variations


All bets when the ball hits “zero” are frozen. As a rule, the bet is left for the next spin, after which it either returns to the player without profit if the spin was “winning”, or loses, even if it includes “zero”.

The advantage of the gambling establishment is 1.39%.


This variation is very similar to the previous one. The only difference is that if the “zero” comes up twice, then the bet is frozen for two spins. To get the bet back, both spins must be winning for the player. If zero falls out again, the player has lost. The advantage of the gambling establishment is 1.37%.


If the ball stops at “zero”, half of the bet is returned to the player. The advantage of the gambling establishment is 1.35%. If there are more than two “zeros” in the game (although we have not heard of this yet), then it is better to avoid the game.

Where to play?

In the US, most roulettes have two “zeros” and do not have a half bet return. But there are exceptions: for example, Atlantic City, where the roulette wheel has a double zero and a half bet return rule. There are also many establishments that play with one “zero”, but the rule of returning half of the bet does not apply.

There are several establishments in Las Vegas that have one zero with high lows. The gambling establishment Nevada Palace and Stratosphere offer low minimums and one-zero play. Alternatively, you can play roulette at Bellagio, Mirage or Aladdin. There is one “zero” and the rule of returning half of the amount applies.

Roulette strategy and rules

Experts advise to choose the roulette with the best rules and with one zero. Players who play with double “zero” do not understand that the house’s profit in this case is twice as high. If the half bet refund rule applies, only one-to-one bets should be placed. There is no need to bet on five numbers in a game with two zeros, as it is almost impossible to guess the numbers, location or size of the bet.

Betting system

It doesn’t matter how often the ball stops at red. A bet on the same color on the next round is equivalent to a bet on black. Despite popular belief, numbers, columns, colors, etc. are always lagging. The game is almost 300 years old and players have always tried to find winning combinations.

Some believe that the method of varying rates brings a win, others – that you should bet on numbers that have not been played for a long time. Researchers argue that from a mathematical point of view, it is impossible to calculate the game.


The Martingale system is the oldest and most popular betting system. Each subsequent bet is doubled, and the color on which it is placed changes.

Whatever the system, it should be remembered that it is impossible to beat a gambling club on “zero” or double “zero”.

Wheel forecast and dealer handwriting

Many players believe they can follow the roulette wheel. How realistic and feasible is it? Those who believe in the dealer’s handwriting system think that dealers have a very good memory and that they launch the ball at the same speed. In their opinion, based on the position of the ball, you can guess where it will stop. The effectiveness of these theories has not been proven. It is difficult for the human eye to keep track of the wheel.

There have been cases of gamblers winning casino roulette using computer analysis. How it works? With the help of the technique, the speed of rotation of the wheel, the speed of the ball is determined and an assumption is made about the cell that the ball will occupy. In 2004 in London, players won £ 1.3bn using laser scanners and microcomputers. However, it should be remembered that in some states, for example in Nevada, the use of various devices is a crime, and instead of winning, the player may face jail.

As in keno, the important thing is not which numbers you are betting on, but where it is placed. Seasoned players recommend playing games with one zero or half bet return rule. Better yet, these two rules are used together. There are many systems out there, but none of them is 100% correct. Remember that the goal of gambling establishments is always the same – to beat you.

They say that luck smiles on those who do not go to the casino to win big. You should not make a mistake and perceive gambling as a tool for making money. Remember that this is only entertainment and a way to spend your free time.